Monday, 18 April 2011

Past life Regression - My experience

As I said in my previous blog about past life regression that I would explain some of my own experiences and past lives.

Before I started my training, even though I believed in past lives and wanted to experience past life regression I felt skeptical, was it real, was it my imagination or was it my past life?
Have you ever had a fascination with certain eras, times, had a recurring date, felt like you had met someone before even though you haven’t? I had one of those experiences. Do you remember the film “saving Private Ryan”? Well I have had a fascination about the small badge of an Eagle that they wore on their left arm, also known as the Airborne division or “screaming eagles”. I think I was more interested in the time and each time I watched the film I felt this strange feeling, a fear, sick feeling that I knew it from somewhere. Because I had watched the film so many times I just believed that it was because the film had struck a cord with me and left me with certain feelings. However after experiencing past life regression I began to understand why I had these types of feelings.

Past life regression is done through the use of hypnosis and taking you deeper into your unconscious mind so that we can access your past memories. This of course is a very short summary of what happens but through relaxation and allowing your mind to access all of those files inside of your mind can you access those past lives.
So back to my experience, maybe you could imagine me sitting there in a chair being hypnotized and taken back to my previous lives. Im lucky enough to have had many and the first was may experience as a soldier. When I was going into hypnosis I quickly became aware of a time that wasn’t in the now, It seemed that I was in a boat, but traveling at speed with people infront of me. I also had this feeling that I didn’t want to be there, a feeling of fear, sickness, petrified and asking myself why I was doing this. The picture quickly began to increase and as I looked left and right and I could see cliffs, then the noises started.
Still in hypnosis my conscious mind came into play and I started questioning what was going on but that is the skill of the regressionist to keep you calm and remind you that you are safe and it’s a memory.

The memory continued and I was now aware of explosions, a whistling noise and a sound of the boat splashing in the water. The regressionist asked me if I knew where I was, I had this overwhelming feeling that I was at the Omaha beach in its landings. Hundreds and thousands of soldiers were attempting to infiltrate the beach but as soon as the soldiers got into the water and the beach they were shot. I could see the red water, bodies and bullets flying past my head. I had this overwhelming feeling of trying to find cover, but there wasn’t any, there were no bomb craters or anything to hide behind. The memory moved forward to the point of where I passed over to spirit and it was further up the beach. I didn’t know how I had got there but I was shot in the neck. I was 18 years old, from America and didn’t want to be doing this landing. I had never learnt or looked into the Omaha Beach landings but after Googling the landings I couldn’t believe that some of the cliffs and land that I had seen, seemed so familiar. It was so strange and eerie however a wonderful experience. I was able to use this experience as a therapeutic session as well, and I was able to put answers to some of the questions about why I do things in this life.
A wonderful experience and I would recommend past life regression for either therapy or to experience it.

Bournemouth is now on

A short time ago my girlfriend told me about a global business directory that gives you a free customized business profile which helps you to get your company found easier in google and other search engines. The company is called Through her work she was looking for a specific company and came across the company via She suggested that I put my website and company on, so I did. The pages are similar to that of Linkedin, of course not the same as Flikr because that is being able to upload photos through Yahoo.
I’ve also been able to add my very own page on Youtube which you can follow or add me as a friend here. Also if you wanted to link pages in you can do that here.

So I’ve added for Hypnotherapy and Bournemouth onto and Linkedin

Monday, 11 April 2011

Past Life Regression

After a period of my website being down, all gremlins, faults have been rectified and new alliances have been formed. I am excited that I have a new improved blogs page that looks and feels so good.

Many people have been talking to me about the wonders and the unknown of Past Life regression and how past lives can affect us in our current lives. Before I undertook my training I was curious about the world of past lives but wondered if there really was truly real. So as years went by I completed my training and during the training experienced my past lives for the very first time. And what an experience and an eye opener for me it was. Not only did it explain why I have been doing things in this life that I hadn’t understood why, but it was life changing at the same time.

Throughout my younger years people would often say that I was an old soul, as a teenager I didn’t really understand what they meant so I would usually smile and try to change the subject. But after my experiences of past life regression I understand what they meant. I have had past lives as an Egyptian slave, Roman Soldier, Victorian lady, American Farmer in Texas and an American Soldier in the Omaha Beach landings in World War 2. Each and every experience it was as if I was there, especially the most emotionally powerful experience was the Omaha Beach landings seeing some of the most surreal experiences that I had ever noticed through hypnosis. And some I was able to verify a look up through Google. I am not going to go into detail now about these past lives because  I am going to write a series of blogs about my past lives so you will get to find out more and perhaps increase your curiosity about your own past lives. Even if you want to find out if you had a past life or if you wanted to experience past life regression for therapeutic reasons?!

I have worked with many clients that have helped them to understand their life purpose. I’ve worked with clients to help cure certain physical problems that their medical doctor has no clear reason why they had been experiencing their symptoms/problems. I have worked with people who have had skin problems, pains and emotional problems that have plagued people for such a long time with great success.!!
Bournemouth Hypnotherapy

Free Hypnosis Gym motivation MP3 download

It's that time of the year when we are thinking about going on a holidays, maybe to a beach resort around the world or even staying here in the UK. Many freinds and people that I meet ask me whether hypnotherapy can provide motivation to go to the gym. I of course say "Yes", and to help all you people out there that want more motivation to go to the gym, I have recorded and placed a free MP3 Hypnosis download on my website for you to download. You may find yourself feeling motivated quite soon after you have been listening to the download, but others may find it to take a few more times for you to listen to it for it to take effect. That is all completely ok and just right for you.

If you do want to, go ahead now and download the MP3 and perhaps tell your friends how beneficial it has been for you.
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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Phobia Release and Cure

Last week I went to a local restaurant with my partner and her family to have an early Christmas dinner.

It was mid day and I was so hungry and I was really looking forward to the delicious food that we had pre ordered. I arrived at the restaurant and upon being greeted by the waiter I noticed an article within a newspaper that was open on a nearby table. I noticed it because the title described phobia cures. I picked up the newspaper making sure that know one was reading the paper and took it to our table. As I read the article I saw that it listed numerous phobias that people can suffer from. I read the article further and it mentioned phobias such as the fear of spiders, fear of the open spaces, phobia of cotton wool, fear of heights and many more. The article explained that scientists had selectively blocked thoughts of fear by interfering with the way memories are “reconsolidated” by the brain. The article suggested that following research funded by the US National Institute of mental health, there will be new ways to treat people who suffer from fears and anxieties related to phobias and memories, without the use of drugs.
I found this article interesting because hypnosis can be used for this exact purpose, to help people let go of anxieties and fears caused by memories and phobias. The article spoke about this new treatment as a revolutionary cure, however hypnotherapists have been helping many people for a long time to release their phobias and cure the emotions that have inhibited them for as long as they can remember.

Hypnosis can help you in many ways to re-program the thoughts in your mind, alter previous memories of past experiences that have helped you to feel and behave in a certain way. I can help you with the use of hypnosis and other techniques, encourage you to release your phobias and regain the life that you would like. Perhaps you can relate to some of the phobias that I mentioned earlier, but perhaps there is something else that you would like help in releasing.

Please feel free to contact me to find out how hypnosis can help you.  

Weddings, celebrations, fun and feeling nervous about public speaking

Recently a friend contacted me to ask about if I could help her with a speech because she was doing a “best man” speech at her friends wedding. She explained that she felt so very nervous about doing this speech because it will be in front of so many people, some that she knew and others she didn’t.

This particular friend comes across as extremely confident and very self assured in nearly every situation, however when presented with this situation her confidence seemed to have gone somewhere else.

Just as I have explained on my weight loss page, your mind is very powerful. It can help you to achieve so many amazing things, but it can limit you at the same time. The way in which we talk to ourselves, that voice that is always there can do so many things, including motivate us, challenge us or in this case, hypnotise us to think that we are not very good at something, or even convince us that something is going to happen.

I asked my friend to begin to notice the way in which she speaks to herself about her “best man” speech. Once she had noticed how she was talking to herself, I requested she let me know and we could start to work on the next steps.

After a few more suggestions and guidance my friend seemed very happy and went on her way to producing a great speech.

Isn’t it funny that after some guidance or help with something that we do every single day that we can truly become in control of our thoughts to produce the outcome that we dream of. I say something that we do every day because we public speak every day, we speak to people without any conscious thought, but when we are standing in front of many people our thoughts seem to go into overdrive.

Would you like to feel more confident and self assured when public speaking?

Perhaps you are soon to be speaking at wedding, conference or meeting and would like to be more self assured. Well hypnosis can help you to achieve this. I can help you to locate that person inside of you that loves to talk at these types of occasions and whilst that hidden you does the talking, that other you can sit back and maybe enjoy every minute of it. You could have this if you truly want it to happen.

Would you like to enjoy the experience and leave those other feelings behind?

If you do, contact me now.

Have you kissed too many frogs? Discover that there are plenty more fish in the sea.

I spoke with a friend of mine who had recently ended a long term relationship and was embarking on entering the single scene again. She explained that when she was single before she kept meeting the same type of person. That person seemed initially lovely but there didn’t seem to be a spark or the person just wasn’t right for her. Also she mentioned that the previous relationships had been one sided. She said that she kept on asking why, why do I keep meeting these types of people?

Does that sound familiar to you? Or perhaps you have heard friends of colleagues saying something similar?

Perhaps you would like help to change these thoughts in order that you may find a person that is right for at this time. Maybe if you do change your thinking that you could find a long term partner?

I’ll give you an example of how powerful our minds are and how we can hypnotise ourselves in certain situations. Yes I did say hypnotise your self.

Are you aware of that voice in your head, often referred to your conscious thinking or thoughts? Yes…

Ok… have you ever been going out during the day or evening, you have been taking your time to get ready and for some reason the time has flown by, and you are going to be late for your appointment if you don’t get ready quicker?....yes… ok, so now imagine you are about to dash out the door, you need to find your keys so that you can lock the house and drive your car to your destination…can you find your keys…ERR NO.

Ok panic starts to set in and your conscious mind starts to say to you…”I cant find my keys”. You say it over and over again to yourself and perhaps you start using some expletives  and then ask your mind, “where have I put my keys…followed by a few more expletives.

What happens? You start to sprint round the house trying to find your keys…can you find them…ERR NO.

Here is an example of how you have been self hypnotizing yourself not to find your keys….your mind switches off and it doesn’t allow you to find them. This is learnt behaviour and for me I used to play this game so many times a week. However because I am now aware of my self hypnosis powers I am able to use my thoughts to benefit my experiences.

For you this could be similar in the way you look for your prospective partner. Perhaps you are self hypnostising your self to find the same types of personalities. Alternatively you may wish to find out the reasons why you keep finding the same types of partners, or maybe there is something else.

Hypnosis can help with these behaviours and if you would like help to break these patterns, this could lead to you kissing the frog that turns into to the prince or princess of your dreams.

However there are no guarantees that you will find the prince or princess of your dreams because it depends on how much you want to change your thoughts and behaviours. This is not a dating website, the work you will carry out with me is purely to become aware of the way you think, feel and behave with partners. Once you do become aware perhaps you can realize that you could make some changes that will benefit you.